Practicing Positive Affirmation by Using Inspirational Wall Decor

There are many ways to practice self-affirmation and get rid of stress. One method is to look in the mirror and say positive things. However, according to an article in Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine, the better approach is a more specific one. People have to determine their aspirations first and set them down on paper (either on post-it notes or index cards) and place these around their home so whenever they catch a glimpse of these, the thought will stay in their minds.

If having post-it notes and index cards all over their homes seems too cumbersome, people can instead choose inspirational wall decorations that show the virtues they aspire to, such as strength, courage, wisdom, and others. It may not even be necessary for them to take down or change existing décor, as these inspirational accent pieces can complement any theme that they may have already, be it animal, contemporary art, mystical art, and others.


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