Tips for Selecting Wall Decorations for Your Home

A home with barely any accents or decorations is more drab than fab. If you want to liven up your abode, wall decorations may just do the trick. Yet given the many wall decor options in the market today, exactly how do you select the right ones for your home?

Consider the room’s function.

Some people select wall décor with very little consideration for where the pieces will be installed. You wouldn’t wear a tracksuit to a sit-down dinner, so why would you decorate your kitchen with scary, gothic-inspired images? When picking wall art, therefore, have a clear idea of the room’s overall look and function. More


Maximizing the Positive Effects of Inspirational Wall Décor and Prints

Before you think about how you would decorate your wall and arrange the pieces on it, you must first find out which type of décor you would want to see hanging there. Since they are supposed to provide inspiration and energy especially during challenging moments, you must find items that are very close to your heart. Are you fond of prints of beautiful flowers and trees? Or perhaps of angels and fairies? Determine the things that make you feel relaxed and trim down your options around them.

Once you have selected the styles and designs, you should start finding items that perfectly fit the dimensions of your room. Try to go for wall pieces that feature relaxing artwork with soothing colors. There are several trusted online providers of inspirational wall decoration such as Quintessence Creations that offer a wide range of such items in different sizes.

How to Choose Wall Mural Designs

Are you having trouble coming up with nice designs for your room? Sometimes, no matter how much you repaint your walls or move your furniture around, it just isn’t enough. Don’t settle for a dull, lifeless room.

It can never hurt to have a source of inspiration in your own space. So why not let wall murals be the type of decor that makes your room stand out? It’s very simple to have done, yet it can draw a lot of attention.

Having a mural allows you to express your interests on your wall—your home will be uniquely you with any mural you choose. Murals can be an exciting accent to any place in your home, whether it’s the living room, the dining room, the kitchen or your own room. It adds interest, color and also can become the topic of conversation among your guests.

For larger spaces, small murals can serve as the focal point. For smaller rooms however, landscape murals can be painted onto the walls to make the room appear more spacious. This technique creates an illusion that the room is bigger.

If you’re lost as to what design you should choose, stick to designs that are relevant to the location- like a fruit basket for the dining area or the kitchen. You can also place designs that you consider inspirational.